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New TS Bee rock star pics

Posted in Photos on July 9th, 2011


What’s up, guys? Here’s a cool set for those in need of a little bad-girl spice in their day! I would like to let you all know that I took this as an opportunity not only to pose with a cute dress and some awesome mesh stockings, but also as a chance to throw a guitar into the mix to add to my punk-rocker look. Oh and don’t be worried about it covering my cock, because I just fucking took off my skirt to let it hang for the camera! Don’t lose a second of your time and click here to see more of me!

New-Bee-Armitage-Guitar-02 New-Bee-Armitage-Guitar-03

Filthy Armitage Solo

Posted in Photos on June 15th, 2011



It’s only fair that a responsible shemale sets some time off her day to do the laundry after getting dirty, but to me this is little more than another opportunity to show my sexy white skin and slim frame to my fans! I don’t give a fuck about the chores as long as there’s a camera at the ready to take pictures of my cock. Just ask the guys over at Frank’s Tgirls and they’ll tell you that I never miss out on the chance of pulling an impromptu solo show for them! Give me some love by clicking here to see more steamy pics at Frank’s Tgirls!



Transsexual Armitage beats it

Posted in Photos on May 28th, 2011

Transsexual-Bee-Armitage-01 Transsexual-Bee-Armitage-02

Check out my tight little shorts and bitchin’ heels! I love wearing slutty outfits like this that make me look like the badass transsexual whore I am, but the one thing I like best is taking them off slowly to pose for the camera. I can guarantee that most of my fans will get raging boners once they see my smooth ass or my sexy cut cock; I got the sexy shemale look covered from all sides and I love to show it off for the entire world to see!

Now click here to see much more of your favorite bad girl!

Transsexual-Bee-Armitage-03 Transsexual-Bee-Armitage-04

Bee – Shemale Strokers debut

Posted in Videos on May 11th, 2011


Here’s a video you are sure to enjoy, as it features a nice little whore with plump titties working down on her knees to pump my cock dry! I know you all love my pics, so you won’t be able to resist once you hear the moans this professional slut from Shemale Strokers gets out of me with the meanest handjob I’ve ever gotten!

Watch the way I cover her tits in so much fucking cum that it rolls down into her pierced belly button and all over her curvy body!

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All – nude photos of Bee

Posted in Photos on April 20th, 2011

Photo-Bee-Armitage-01 Photo-Bee-Armitage-02

You better like that pink scarf I’m wearing on this set of photos, because it’s the only piece of clothing that will stay on my body once the camera starts rolling! This one set was a lot of fun since I got to work with the guys at Frank’s Tgirls. You can actually tell I was getting horny as I worked since my cock gets bigger on the last shot for the session! What can I say? I’m a huge pervert like that and exposing myself is a huge turn on.

Click here to see more of my lovely pink scarf and the body it barely covers up at Frank’s Tgirls!

Photo-Bee-Armitage-03 Photo-Bee-Armitage-04

Hazel Tucker and Bee

Posted in Photos on April 12th, 2011

Huzel-Tucker-Bee-Armitage-01 Huzel-Tucker-Bee-Armitage-02

It all started as a friendly game of strip poker between me and some friends, but then Hazel Tucker got a bit frisky and it became a sexy shemale throw down between us!

You guys know I’m the bigger slut of the two, so I took the lead by frenching her deeply and shoving my cock into her mouth, but I’m not selfish so I made sure to return the favor in a way that makes for a great picture as she just lays there waiting for me to work her off with my tongue!

Click here to see the rest of this set at Hazel’s site!

Huzel-Tucker-Bee-Armitage-03 Huzel-Tucker-Bee-Armitage-04

Funny tgirl

Posted in Photos on March 10th, 2011




I decided to change things up a little on this set and play around with the goth side of my look, which is why I settled for a cute purple corset and black mesh stockings. The best part of this entire photo shoot is that the people at Shemale Yum know how to treat a tgirl like me just right; they even let me get away with goofing around a little with the camera before I had to get serious and whip out my big bad cock for the finishing shot!

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TS Bee Armitage video

Posted in Videos on February 25th, 2011

Go fuck yourself! No, that’s not me being rude, that’s me giving you some solid advice, because you are gonna need a good workout once you check out this video. Don’t believe me? Take a look then; it’s got everything great about me that makes me such an amazing TS diva, from my style when it comes to sexy lingerie and clothes to the way I shamelessly expose my cock for the camera.

Just watch me waggling my tail up in the air like the bitch I am and enjoy yourself!

Click here to check out this kinky video over at Shemale Yum, baby!

Skinny shemale beaty

Posted in Photos on February 8th, 2011


Wanna check out my backyard? No? Then how about you just take a look at my ass as I bare it outside for a sexy photo session, eh? That’s what I thought! Just take a look at my pale and pristine butt as I show it off to you once the shorts come off, but let me tell you, if you liked that, then just wait until I turn around and you get to take a good look at my huge shemale boner, baby! It’s only made better thanks to Shemale Yum’s camera guy getting it at an excellent angle!

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shemale-Bee-Armitage-02 shemale-Bee-Armitage-03

Bee Armitage for Bob’s Tgirls

Posted in Photos on December 23rd, 2010

Bee-Armitage-Bobs-Tgirls-01 Bee-Armitage-Bobs-Tgirls-02

Here’s something new, a full on good girl look with a tiny drop of bad punk girl to make me look innocent, yet rebellious. Those who didn’t know about me being a sexy shemale would think that I am a moody teen with daddy issues, but the guys at Bob’s Tgirls know better than that, which is why they asked me to take off my skirt to let them take pictures of my lovely cock!

I hope you like this sexy set featuring my long legs, round butt and hard circumcised cock!

Click here to see more of my sets at Bob’s Tgirls

Bee-Armitage-Bobs-Tgirls-03 Bee-Armitage-Bobs-Tgirls-04